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Our Leathers

Please browse this page to view the aniline leathers and corrected grain leathers that we manufacture our sofas in to find the one that is perfect for your home! Please feel free to select up to 5 samples from the list below by adding them to your basket and we will post them to you free of charge.

About Aniline Leather

Full Aniline Leather is as natural as leather comes, this type of leather undergoes the least treatment in the processing stages and many of the natural characteristics of the original hide are maintained. In Layman’s terms “Aniline” is an organic, translucent dye used to colour or tint leather. Aniline leathers are highly sought after due to the fact that only the finest quality hides can be used, this is because the there is no colour pigment in the dye and therefore any mark, scar or imperfection contained within the hide will show through. A certain amount of these imperfections is not only acceptable but also sought after as it demonstrates just how natural full aniline leather actually is, however if the hide is littered with them then it is deemed unusable.

Semi Aniline Leather is really a hybrid between aniline and pigmented (corrected grain) leather. During processing the hides are treated with a mixture of aniline dye and solid colour pigment. The result is a finish that blocks out some of the imperfections in the hide, but not all and a lot of the natural characteristics are still maintained. Therefore hide selection is still important but the controls are not quite as stringent as they are for full aniline leather.

Corrected Grain Leather offers a very consistent finish with little to no colour variation what so ever, some people consider this a good thing however we believe that a natural product such as leather should display at least some natural characteristics. One of the main benefits of corrected grain (pigmented) leather is that it is incredbly resilient to scratching and it wont absorb spilt liquids in as quickly as some aniline leathers. This is because the hides go through a roller during processing which compresses the surface of the leather and therefore corrects the grain. Perfect if you have young children or pets in your home!

Please feel free to contact us on 0161 872 7457 if you have queries about our leathers or if you would like us to advise you on which types would suit your requirements, we are always happy to help in any way we can.

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